Caravan: Its Role In Safe Zone

July 22nd, 2015

Caravan MemberKeeping Your Caravan Motivated and Mobile

Today we would like to talk about the Caravan, a key element of the game that we’ve not talked about much in our recent posts. The Caravan is made up of the Player Character and any survivors that have joined the party. It will serve as the main base of operations within each area the Player is scavenging. Players can set Caravan roles for their party members such as Scout, Guard, and even Cook. This will help to determine the overall level of safety, efficiency, and morale of the Caravan while the Player is out exploring. This will also help to determine how long the player can safely foray before his or her leadership is needed among the group, as well as many other hidden values.

NPC interactions will play a large role in the operation of your Caravan. Though it may make sense to take both of the Doctors you recruited (who hate one another)and tell them to work together to help the wounded, it may be more efficient to pair them up with other NPCs that they like more. This is most apparent when the Caravan is under attack, as NPCs who hate each other are more prone to… accidents. Naturally as the Player Character and Caravan leader you will have some agency in preventing this, but only if you are around when it happens. Managing your time between scavenging essential resources, keeping your Caravan’s Morale high, and ensuring that group cohesion does not break down completely will be the difference between a successful trek to the Safe Zone and another unfortunate, but hopefully hilarious, roadblock.

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of reading up on group dynamics in disaster-level situations, and found this blog post to be particularly interesting. Check it out if you want to read more about the subject!

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