Food and its Importance in Safe Zone

August 13th, 2015

This week we’re talking more about the consumable items in the game, specifically about Food. Naturally, an important part of survival is finding Food to keep you alive. Fortunately, a sudden surge in the canned bean market means that there is plenty of long lasting food sources available. Food serves three major purposes in Safe Zone.

Food: Progression, Defense, and Morale

Food-BeansThe first is as a requirement for progression; moving your caravan to new locations on the map requires both Fuel and Food depending on how many people are traveling with you. Although a larger caravan will require more Food, your caravan members will be able to forage for Food on their own if you’ve assigned them to do so.

Food is also an integral part of your Defenses. Simply put, fending off a horde of zombies is hungry work. Every time you’re attacked, you’ll lose some of your Health and your Defense. If a character runs out of health, well, that’s game over for him or her. As your Defense gets lower, you run a higher risk of being bitten and infected. Medkits will recover health, but Defense will recover over time as long as you eat Food regularly. Defense will recover up to its max, which will lower as a character becomes hungrier. Taking a break to snack on something will help recover your defensive potential.

Finally, Food has an integral part in the moral system. While enthusiasm for the same canned beans will dwindle over time, spicing up an NPC’s diet with a rare Food that they like is guaranteed to improve their morale. The base Food in the game is Canned Beans, and you’ll be finding a lot of them. There are other types of food as well, but they are more rare. Every NPC has a preferred Food Type, and feeding them their preferred type will ensure that their morale will increase. At the same time, these rare Foods will recover more hunger if eaten by the player. Do you save the special treats for your allies? Or do you only allow bean lovers in your caravan so that you can hoard everything else?

Here’s an article we like that covers some of the ins and outs of eating during a zombie apocalypse.

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