Items – Part 1

June 24th, 2015

Continuing with the weekly updates, today we’re talking about the consumable items the alpha release that have finished art assets.














Gas Cans are the most important, as you’ll need a minimum amount of gas as well as food in order to leave an area. Unlike food, gas cans may be used in the field to start a fire making them perfect for stopping a swarm of zombies. Even the smartest zombie doesn’t understand the concept of pain and will march right through a fire in order to reach you.

In general, gas will be hard to acquire and you’ll be limited to how much you can hold at a time. With a certain item you might be able to siphon gasoline out of abandoned cars (assuming they weren’t abandoned for a lack of fuel), but this won’t be available to the player right away. Using a gas can is a two step process. First the character will create the gas spill, and their next interaction will be lighting it. These two actions don’t have to be sequential, you could opt to create a few spills, lure a large group of zombies, and then only spring the trap when they are close to it.

Grenades are a less effective zombie deterrent unless you have several of them bunched up. Furthermore, grenades are very noisy and are likely to attract unwanted attention. But for dealing with an immediate problem, grenades are a great asset. Grenades will tend to be found in groups when looted from containers, but occasionally you’ll find a single one in a zombie’s inventory from before they turned. Additionally, Grenades can be used while running and won’t impact your mobility.

Medkits are essential for patching up wounds, cuts, and bruises from extended fights. It’s important to keep a character patched up to ensure that their Defense recovers, or else they will be too weak to fend off a zombie’s (eventually) fatal bite. However, Medkits take a long time to apply and cannot be used while moving. It’s generally best to use them only in safe or secure locations. Certain medkits will have additional effects thanks to a wider range of available medicine, ranging from temporarily increased health, improved performance, greater restoration, and more. However, without a trained Doctor your character might not know how to use the medkit’s medicine to it’s fullest effect…

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