Sprite Sheet Design and Combinations

July 28th, 2015

Zombie-Bite-SpriteSprite sheets are a key part of any 2D game, and Safe Zone is no exception. Lately we have been finalizing some sprite sheet decisions based on Unity’s capabilities and on our own sprite needs.

Sprite customizability is very important to us. We want a wide variety of heads, shirts, and pants to be available for the player to choose from when they design their character, and we also want the game itself to be able to combine these different sprite elements randomly to ensure that all NPCs and zombie sprites are fairly unique. This requires a lot of complex layering of pieces to create the final sprite. With Justin on our team, we can spare the bandwidth to really tackle our sprite sheets and make sure they will work for the alpha as well as the final game as more features are added.

The sprite animations are coming along very nicely. In a 3D game, each character animation would be designed and then skins could be easily swapped out to add variety and customizability, and there wouldn’t even be any sprites. But working in a 2D space, every animation must have a separate sprite series drawn for each possible article of clothing in Safe Zone. Because we are going with a mostly realistic art style for our sprites, and are not using pixel art, it’s pretty important to pay attention to the little details in layer placement. All of this takes time and resources, but we think it will be worth it!

Sprites: Do It Yourself

If you are interested in creating some 2D sprites, we would recommend reading through this blog post by Anjin Anhut. It’s a great overview of 2D art and a fun read. He is always posting good stuff on his blog – Check it out!

As always, thanks for keeping up with our blog posts, and we’ll see you next week!

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