Weapons and Their Stats in Safe Zone

August 6th, 2015

Weapons for Safe Zone - Benelli M3This week John has been working on fine tuning the weapons your character will be using in the upcoming alpha. This is what he has to say about it!

Right now, the ranged weapons you will have access to are the pistol, the shotgun, the rifle, and the baseball bat. Guns in Safe Zone have a number of stats that determine how effective they are.

Accuracy is the gun’s base chance of hitting a target; rifles tend to be more accurate than pistols, for example.

Weapons for Close Combat

Melee weapons work off of a different system than guns. Melee weapons have a much higher base accuracy and chance to headshot. Additionally, certain weapons will have either a dismemberment or knockback chance, allowing you to tip the fight in your favor. Melee weapons also don’t have accuracy; instead, they have durability. Durability represents a chance for your weapon to break on a swing, which grows larger the more it is used. Although melee weapons may seem more reliable than guns, they require constant maintenance to keep them in shape.

Equipping yourself with the best weapons is often the best way to stay alive, but do be careful with what weapons you equip your fellow survivors with. They may not be so keen on giving them back, and they may not have your survival as their top priority.

As avid zombie media fans ourselves, the team has always had strong opinions about which weapons would be best for a zombie apocalypse and which would be the worst. The general theme is that the louder something is, the more zombies it will inevitably attract, which is bad news for anyone who finds the chainsaw in our game. But if you have an interest in why some weapons are less enticing than others, here’s an article that neatly sums up some of our thought process.

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