Zombie AI: Alpha

June 9th, 2015

Here’s an overview of the zombie types that you will run into in the Alpha:

There are three types of Zombies currently in the game which differ depending on their age. The oldest zombies are slow and straight forward; once they notice the player, they will move directly towards him or her with no concern for obstacles in the way. These zombies are the most common and the easiest to escape from as they do not know how to navigate the environment very well.

The second tier of zombies are faster and smarter, capable of determining an open path to the Player. If you close a door to a house and they can’t attack that door to get to you, probably because there are other zombies in the way, they’ll check to see if there are any other ways into the house. Perhaps a side door you haven’t explored yet?

The third tier of zombies are the most dangerous because they can open doors on their own and create new paths. They’re also much rarer, normally only showing up as the result of someone recently succumbing to the virus. Which is a problem on it’s own; it’s bad enough Billy just became a zombie, but then he opened up all the doors to let other zombies in. Quite the troublemaker, that Billy.

Naturally these are subject to change during development, and we hope to include even more dangerous enemies as the game progresses (just not in the Alpha).

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