Zombie Expert Justin Scott Joins the Team

July 15th, 2015

Justin Scott - Zombie Expert

When you are making a zombie game you need people who love zombies, and so we are very happy to announce that Justin Scott is joining the Blind Eye Games team. He will be working with John on the programming side of Safe Zone.

Justin started to program at the age of 6 for the sole purpose of making video games. After completing his computer science degree and creating a lot of non-games he’s ready to get back in the fight and apply his finely honed skills to Safe Zone.

His favorite games are Final Fantasy Tactics, The Legend of Grimrock, Mega Man, and Soccer.

He’s a big fan of Safe Zone’s concept: a zombie game that focuses on the survivors and simulates the interactions between a group of people in the terrible situations that a zombie apocalypse produces. Justin has already begun working with us and is proving to be a great fit for the team.

In Other Zombie News

We are moving towards an Alpha release! We don’t want to say when and spoil it, but once its ready we hope the alpha release of Safe Zone will give a good insight into the basics of the game for those (very patient) kickstarter backers who earned the Alpha Tester reward.

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